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Urban Service Products

Urban Service Products

Under the leadership of Party building, SUNDY Service joins hands with community authority for a urban service platform.

The needs of community residents can be effortlessly satisfied, from comprehensive operation, overarching property, all-around consulting to public services.

Project Case

Hangzhou Caihe Sub-district Gold Housekeeper Management Service Project

Caihe Sub-district in Shangcheng District, at 4 sq km, holds a permanent population of about 100,000, complete with 30,000 or so migrants. In addition to 14 communities, it has 36 old housing estates (before 1998) under quasi-property management.
Earlier in Nov. 2019, pilot efforts were brought about in Caihe’s 3 communities, Hongling, Jielian and Jiangting, gaining unanimous popularity. Then in Jan. 2020, property management covered 14 communities and 36 old quarters.


10 Services Public cleaning, order and safety, waste sorting, violation prevention and control classification
Public service, greening and maintenance, emergency support, ecology

Ningbo Fenghua City Service Project

Fenghua city to set up a joint cast Song Dou service, jetta, property, service development, ningbo and sheng city co., LTD., relying on the field of government resources, social resources, industry resources advantages, professional operating advantages, combination, take fenghua market share in a new cooperation model, various business, to do fine and stronger to create economic benefits and social effect. It provides basic property services, urban operation services, old city reconstruction projects, investment promotion and operation services, asset operation services and so on.

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