City Services

City Services

About Harmony Life

Hangzhou Harmony Life Service Company, or “Harmony Life”, wholly-owned subsidiary owned by Sundy Service, committed to whole new mode of “Golden Housekeeper Big Property Social Grassroots Administration” in old-styled neighborhoods

Harmony Life’s principle “led by quality and mechanism for unified standard, mode and added service”, for the service mode, “integrated management, standardized service, seamless connection, dual assessment and socialized operation”

Harmony Life News

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Harmony Life Mode

  • Consultancy Services

    Offer consulting service for the authorities during urban old-styled neighborhood refurbishment and construction stage to stave off secondary cost expenses

  • Property Services

    Create a sustainable urban service mode in old-styled neighborhood governance

  • Public Service

    Deliver service like garbage sorting, Five River Joint Governance, illegal construction control, sanitation operation, order assisted management, landscaping, facility management and more

  • Operational Services

    Build the online life service platform for “O2O service network leading to the terminal”, and one-on-one exclusive housekeepers on call

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