Core Advantages

Governing Ecology
Double Housekeeper Service
Tripartite Synergy Under Party Building
Construction Linked to Management Following Proactive Operation
Livable & Pluralistic Community
Open Specialized Excess

6 Core Advantages

Governing Ecology

Double Housekeeper Service

Tripartite Synergy Under Party Building

Construction Linked to Management Following Proactive Operation

Livable & Pluralistic Community

Open Specialized Excess

Governing Ecology

Governance:S2GCB Business Model

System Government Customer Business Society Govern Colorfulness Benefit
S: System, associated with an ecological platform based on Social Governance
G: Government, linked to well-intended Social Governance by the authority
C: Customer, indicating the end result of shaping a Concord Community
B: Business, suggesting win-win prosperity via the business model of co-governance

Service: tech-driven operation

Technology: 1 platform + 3 terminals + multi-scenarios
Operation: a trinity of urban, space and user operations
Urban service experience shifted onto the platform, with technologized management standards executed in 3 terminals (management, service and application)

Ecology:ship designer

Simplified process and cost in circulation, complete with aggregated resources, create a qualitative change in value. The logic of the platform is optimized on a user-friendly basis, with public welfare and social fields to fill in the gap.
From sailors (service providers) to the ship designer (builder of products and models), the switch helps the business going from asset-heavy to asset-light, creating a governing ecology.

Double Housekeeper Service

Customized Housekeeper Service Smart Housekeeper Service

People-oriented, personalized services and products are available, with golden butler service and housekeeper service, separately for urban clients and community residents.

Housekeeper Service Idea

Clients effortlessly accessible to convenience, with the butler or housekeeper delivering one-to-one solutions

Housekeeper Service System
life steward

life steward

One-stop Living: one-to-one one-stop service
Accessible Surrounds: life consultant for community-wide resources
Assisted Governance: government helper at grass-roots level
Community Operation: initiator as Walnut Society across communities

Security Butler

Security Butler

Traffic & Visit: pedestrians, vehicle and visitors
Bounds Security: intrusion, drowning and falling objects
Fire Safety: hazard screening, system assurance and safety drill
Hardware Safety: buildings, elevators and amenities

Environmental steward

Environmental steward

Sanitation Upkeep: corridor and estate cleaning
Greening Energy-saving: landscaping, energy conservation and air quality
Refuse Sorting: training awareness and volunteer supervision
Festival Spirit: ambience setting and event organization

In line with trends, laws and rules, SUNDY Service works closely with owners in communities and more, presenting diversified smart service featuring 1+3+N, via Internet, IOT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing and 5G.

Smart Housekeeper Service – 1+3+N Smart Management Mode


Joint Command Platform

A platform jointly built by SUNDY Service and community authorities, of intelligent discovery, dispatch, processing and determination through real-time monitoring, analysis and early warning


Integrated Service Terminal

Based on the intelligent underlying technology and ecology of the Internet of Things, combined with the actual needs of owners, it integrates the management terminal on PC, the user application terminal on mobile, and the butler service terminal on mobile


Scenarios Fulfillment

Accomplished intelligent elevator control and lighting, emergency call and waste sorting, promising a visual presentation of scenarios as a display of service interface

Tripartite Synergy Under Party Building

“All work is subject to the Party's leadership”, as is cited from the Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. SUNDY Service is a consistent advocate for the leadership role of the Party building, from new thoughts, ideas and perspectives to practice and daily routines, to branding, integrity, corporate culture and social responsibility. With Party organizations as an anchor and Party members as role models, the property giant is in a position to scale up economic and social benefits.
Following Party policies and guidelines, SUNDY Service leverages three-party efforts of government, owners and property management for the working of a community. With the involvement of social forces, grass-roots governance complementarily progresses.

9 Iconic Synergy Scenarios


System in Series


Discussion & Decision


Space Integration


Info Sharing


Emergency Response


Urban Construction Planning


Brand Synergy


Collaborative Support


Philosophy Synergy

Construction Linked to Management Following Proactive Operation


“Integrated Multi Rules and Regulations”, and “Fusion of Rules, Construction and Management” step in as part of the authority’s boosted spatial governance, paving the way for urban construction and expansion, according to the rollout of policies on construction and operation over years.

Pain pointsPain points

Currently, the construction of service facilities gain momentum with community service and resources leaning to the grass-roots level. Planning and hardware construction are prioritized, resulting in a succession of difficulties in planned facility availability and popularity-insufficient operation, spanning construction, management and operation.

Solutions & Services

With national policies in mind, SUNDY Service rolls out targeted solutions and service contents, to address client-oriented hotspots arising in between construction and management. An operation program is prearranged in the planning stage, with delivery inspection service well available in the development stage. Operation services are accessible at the completion stage, with likely analysis and improvement schemes at the inquiry-reply stage. Altogether, construction is seamlessly connected with management, with involvement throughout.

Planning Stage

In this stage, a service program comes in based on later operation service program, setting the tone for devised construction.

Development Stage

Once completed, the development is ready for delivery check, in light of the predated operation service program.

Completion Stage

Following the project completion, a one-stop operation service is available.

Inquiry-reply Stage

After a reply to operation process and results, an improved scheme is summarized.

Livable & Pluralistic Community

Walnut Society

With the client-centric concept infused in management, SUNDY Service brainstorms the Walnut Society, in favor of community services. In addition to statement needs from residents, it can cater to matching of community categories, as well as building of communities.

Mission: For the comfort of livable life. Vision: Harmony outlines a community as happiness shapes life.

Analyze the owners’ icons
Identify owners’ demands
Match community categories
Help community building
28 Models out of 8 Categories in Community Operation


Yoga Class
Fitness Class
Tai Chi and more


Board Game
Team Construction Activities
Influencer Live Streaming, etc


Tea Tasting Party
Wine Tasting Party
Coffee Tasting and more


Movie Showing
Theatre Performance
Musical Rehearsal, etc


Game Show
Card Game
Mini Competition
Board Game, etc


Vocational Training
English Corner
Masterclass, etc


Reading Sharing
Skill Trading, etc


Artwork Display
Jumble Sales
Oil Painting Classroom
Flower Arrangement Class
Family Activity, etc

Open Specialized Excess

Market-oriented, SUNDY Service pushes its core competitiveness to meet the needs of owners, with resources like professional, exclusive service providers assuring implementation, for the benefits of sound property ecology.Open-minded, the entity focuses on a community of specialty, values and a shared future, interconnected with businesses in terms of capital, industry, suppliers, peers and customers, to make a difference in property industry.

Cooperative Ecosystem

SUNDY Service pulls together community authorities, social bodies and charities to create an ecosystem featuring collaboration.

Specialized Companies





Sub-district / Government
Smart IOT
Media Agencies
Community Retail
Community Service