Value Added Services

Residential Services
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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Value-added services are divided into community value-added services and non-owner value-added services. In terms of community value-added services, a value-added service platform covering the whole cycle of community life services is built to integrate community resources for fine operation services, such as home life services, parking space management and leasing, asset management services, etc. Non-owner value-added services include on-site services and referral services.

Systematic research, planning and implementation are conducted over community mature development cycle, proprietor home growth cycle, and real estate value cycle, to set up the value-added service platform covering the whole cycle of community life service. Furthermore, community media resources are motivated for diversified advertising. Housing leasing or transfer, shop leasing, ownership or paperwork entrusting, mortgage services and others are accessible, besides non-proprietor value-added services: case scene, in-advance engagement and more.

Community Value Added Services

  • Life services

    Offer value-added services on demand, spanning housing fixtures, site operation, living group shopping, housing short-term rental, insurance and more, one-stop and all eco-life

  • Media Services

    Offer a precise assortment of advertising service for proprietors’ connection with major brand resources

  • Asset Services

    Sundy Rental&Sales Service Center, a housing agency under Sundy Service, dedicated to second-hand housing, proprietors’ own housing agent

Non Proprietor Value Added Services

On-site Services
In-advance Engagement Services

On-site Construction Engagement Consultant

Defects Through Pro Eyes
In-advance Makeover
Rework at Least

Door to Door Inspection Consultancy Service

Door to Door Inspection
In-advance Makeover
Complaint Hassle at Least

Scheme Design Engagement Consultant

Optimized Design
Comfy Convenience
Feasible Functions

Repair Delivery Consultancy Service

Maintenance on Demand
Pro Team
Striking Satisfaction